Posted on 27 January 2018

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The tent is finally done, save a few ties or toggles to keep the windows up.

Tent One Side

It looks OK. Not perfect, but it fits and should keep out the worst of the weather. Even if it's not water-tight, any moisture should run down the inside and then outside of the camper. It can't collect water like a regular tent (i.e. with groundsheet).

Tent Inside Tent Inside

Doing the final two windows was much the same as the last post. But I took some more pics and added detail below:

Fitting the zips

Zip 1 After marking out the position on the inside of the tent, put the two zips back-to-back and sew the outside of the zip directly onto the fabric. It's a good idea to melt the ends of the zip with a soldering iron to prevent the runners zipping off the end
Zip 2 Reaching a corner, make cuts every 15mm or so.
Zip 3 Zip 10 Here's the hard bit. Continue to sew the outside edge with the centre of the zip on the line. Keep everything as flat as possible. If the zip bunches too much, the extra slack will make the corner look baggy (see lower pic).
Zip 4 Now flip the top zip over and sew the other side of the bottom zip.
Zip 5 Cut it down the middle
Zip 6 Fold the edges under and sew each side. I ran the foot against the teeth to get an even edge. It's easy for the lower zip to get in the way so take care not to sew over it like I did 🙄
Zip 7 Same on the other side. Once done, put the tent on a flat surface (or floor) and cut the midgy-mesh so it meets the teeth of the remaining zip. Pin it in place and again run a couple of seams around.
Zip 9 Finaly I put a cap on top of the zip to strengthen the end and stop water dripping in.

The lid hinge is temporarily in place with self-tapping screws as I'll need to remove it again, but the tent and frame folds away nicely.

Base With Lid


There's a couple more things to do before fitting it to the back of the truck:

  • The lid is heavier than expected and will be heavier still with the legs fitted (legs that will extend to the ground when the lid is open). I'll put some compressed gas struts on each side to help with that.

  • Some latches to secure the lid. Inside or outside....?