Posted on 03 February 2018

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This weekend I spent time on a few small jobs while waiting for parts and materials to arrive.

Gas Struts

These are the gas struts to assist lifting the lid, one on each side. Much time was spent standing and looking, trying to visualise the best position to mount them. I eventually come up with a drawing using off-the shelf struts from SGS engineering.

Lid Strut Drawing

The horizontal mounting is 550mm from the hinge and 720mm vertically down. Approximately 364mm of stroke. The low vertical position should hopefully reduce stress on the hinge which would certainly happen if mounted too high. Looking forward to fitting those.

Legs for the lid

I also ordered some 32mm telescopic aluminium tube for the legs that extend down to the ground when the camper lid is open. These fit into one of the channel sections on the roof. The channel is about 70mm wide so they should fit snug.

Jacking legs for demounting

Some fabrication will be needed for these as it's not something you can get off-the-shelf (at least here in the UK). The easiest option was to modify trailer jacks. So I got four of these from eBay.


Rated at 600kg they'll easily take the weight and raise by 300mm. I'll extend the bottom section about a metre (!) and weld on a square section on the side to mate with some mounts I made previously from aluminium. Might need to remake these in steel now...


Moving the lid hinge

The front door slightly interfered with the lid when opened. This was due to a slight sag in the hinge when I rivetted it on. I needed to drill out all the rivets and move it 5mm up.

Added the catches for the lid

Added some stainless, over-centre latches for the lid from Protex Fasteners. They're not lockable but have a tang for a padlock if need be.


That's it for now, hope to have a few of the above done by next week.