Posted on 10 February 2018

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The materials arrived this week and I was able to get on with making the supporting legs and gas struts for the lid of the camper.

Support Legs

Supporting Legs

This was a fun job. The aluminium channel on the lid furthest from the hinge has two telescopic legs that fold down and support the lid when open. I drilled a 10mm hole at each end for the M10x80mm cap screws where the legs attach.

Support LegsSupport Legs

I used rivnuts in one side so that I could use M10x80mm cap screws. Similar to the struts, spacing was achieved with rubber hose which also is where the opposing legs sit. Scouting around the garage for a way of fitting the feet I found some plastic/rubber spacers which I'm sure came off a washing machine? Drilling the centre out to 9mm provided a nice interference fit for the feet and then secured with a small screw.

Support LegsSupport Legs

Lastly, a couple of R-clips keep them in place. They also adjust the height..will drill those holes later.

Gas Struts

I bought the "adjustable" struts which arrive with something like 200KG of pre-load each. Using an allen key you can release the pressure to suit the application. I'll need the camper outside to calibrate that properly so I've removed the lid and concentrated on the fittings for now.

Extended, the struts measured 1340mm between the centre of the holes of the end fixings so I adjusted the drawing to suit. In all, the lower mounting needed to be 790mm (1340-550mm) from the hinge.

I started with M10x80mm cap screws and increased the amount of thread available with a die. On the outside I fitted a rivnut so that the cap could be screwed right through the frame leaving about 25mm remaining. A nut on the inside then tightens it all up. It should take a good load. The 15mm rubber spacer is a bit of water hose.

Struts Struts

The spacer is needed for the strut body to clear the studs and fixings used for the tent. The same method was used top and bottom. Here they are in place...will fit it all together when I get more headroom!



It's basically ready now to go on the back of the truck. The weekend has been full of wind and rain, so that can wait a bit. There's plenty of odds and ends to do in the mean time so may as well do that in comfort :-)