Posted on 04 March 2018

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A week of snow and sub-zero temperatures here in the UK it's not been ideal working outside but getting it finally on the back of the truck is a milestone.

Camper Mounted 1

A dark, cold, muddy driveway. An ideal camping backdrop! 🙄

To prepare I took off the lid and everything inside to make it light enough to lift by hand. I then slid a couple of box-section tubes through for easy lifting. And it was certainly lighter than the old tub and canopy it replaced.

Lift CamperCamper Mounted 5

Next was to fit the lid. I took out the temporary self-tapping screws and replaced them with countersunk rivets. With that in place I could lift the lid vertical and fit the gas struts. Once they were in, I slowly lowered the gas pressure in each strut so that the lid was supported about 6" from the closed position.

From there it was just a case of re-fitting the tent frame then the tent itself. Finally I drilled the supporting legs so that the R-clips could be pushed in and support full weight.

Now that's all fitted, I need to put all the inside pieces back: worktop, fridge, table, seats, etc.

Camper Mounted 2Camper Mounted 4

Couple of minor issues. Having driven it around for a while I noticed the vents at the front (for the gas bottle and fridge) also let in rain on the move, so need a better solution for that.

That's it for now, roll on summer 😎


  • Get the steps on
  • Jacks
  • Finish off the drawers inside
  • The struts push up on the lid and break the seal slightly, so a couple more fasteners will be required.