Posted on 22 April 2018

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In preparation for taking it out on its first trip I'm concentrating on where to put things. Top of the list is the drawers.

The initial intention was to have baskets behind the hinged doors, but that's far from ideal. I could not find any baskets the right size for a start, and things could easily fall through get lost. Plus opening the door, then pulling out the basket to access the content seemed a bit of a faff.

So I put together some wooden drawers using:

Drawers 1

It was a bit time consuming, especially as the drawer needs to avoid the huge water tank at the back, but it uses all the available space.

Drawers 2 Drawers 3

Not in the above pics is the front of the draw which I drilled so that the catch can still be used to lock the draw in place. The aluminium angle is on the inside for that one. Some small screws pass through where the hinge was bolted before to fit the white panel to the draw front.

I'm so pleased with the result. When I completed the first draw I sat there for ages just opening and closing it. Well worth the effort!


One done, one more to go. The bottom drawer I'll keep it as a space for heavier items like tools etc.