Posted on 20 May 2018

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The drawers are finally done. They took ages to finish but was worth it to make use of the available space.

Drawers 4

The bottom one remains as a hinged door, where heavier items can be put. Other minor changes are:

  • Replacing the drain outlet on the grey water tank with a larger 25mm (1") item, connected to a flexible hose from a washine machine. Hopefully that'll drain faster and be less prone to blockage.
  • Fitted an Andersen Plug to the CTEK charger. This will plug into the truck so that the battery charges on the move.

I'm currently making the mattresses. For these I went back to Dunelm for 7 more lengths of 2" foam for an eye-watering £112. They're being covered in the same blue material as the seats and if all goes well, should be done by the weekend and just about ready for its first trip 😀