Posted on 28 May 2018

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I got the matresses finished, the last of the "big jobs" before taking it out on a maiden voyage. They took more foam and material (and expense!) than originally expected but it's comfy to lay on and generally turned out OK.

Matress 1

The straps keeps the bedding in place when the lid is closed

The foam blocks are 560x1000mm, 50mm (2") deep. So the lid needed 6 of them to cover the entire area. Plus two more for the matress on the worktop, one more for the table.

Covering the foam blocks was pretty easy, but I went for the easiest route. No fancy boxing the corners or zips, just sewed them up like sacks!

Matress 2 Matress 3
After folding the material in two I drew a line 595mm from the fold (this wrapped around the foam nicely) then another line 25mm for the seam. Sewing along the inner line.
Matress 4 Matress 5
Cut the outer line. Then flip it over and cut about 5mm from the seam.
Matress 8 Matress 7
Part the material and lay it flat, then tuck the longer edge under and sew along the length. The foam cuts easily with a knife.
Matress 6 Matress 9
Rotate so that the seam is in the centre, then sew across the bottom. The foam really grips the material, so it's easier to roll it on "condom" style.
Matress 10 Matress 11
Space for a small person here... ...and another here once the table is lowered. The matresses will need to go under the table during the day.

Other bits and pieces

A few more things done today:

  • I added a shelf and baskets to make better use of space inside the food cupboard.
  • From the left over window mesh, a fly screen to keep flies out. It's fixed with 3 press-studs.
  • Added an Anderson plug to the outside, wired into the charging input of the CTEK so that the battery will charge when on the move. The truck-side wiring yet to do.
  • Finished off the gas piping so that the cooker can be moved outside
Fly Screen 1 Fly Screen 2
Shelves and Baskets Cooker outside

A few electrics to do, but it's nearly good to go. 👍