Posted on 09 June 2018

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Between work and the kids football we've not had a chance to get out with the camper yet. In the mean time I've been doing some small jobs. One thing I mentioned in previous posts was adding external graphics, and back in February I got some from Fatstripe-Signs on eBay.

Graphics 1

So yesterday I dug them out and knowing this could go horribly wrong, read through the [very brief] instructions and gave it a try. Here's how it went...

The pics here are from the other side, having finished one side and the back.

Graphics 2 Graphics 3
1. The graphics share the same sheet depending on colour, so I cut each out in turn and positioned them with bits of masking tape. 2. Once happy with the position, put a "hinge" piece in the centre. This is where it the backing is cut from.
Graphics 4 Graphics 5
3. Peel back to the hinge tape and cut off the backing paper. 4. Working from the hinge, use the supplied plastic card to apply the vinyl to the surface.
Graphics 6 Graphics 7
5. I just kept going over obstacles, then cut through the paper with a Stanley blade. 6. Once applied, peel off the top paper.
Graphics 8 Graphics 9
7. One done, so far so good. 8. The upper graphic I placed 15mm above.
Graphics 10 Graphics 11
9. Same again here. It definately helps to remove all the small bits of masking tape before actually applying it. 10. Two down.
Graphics 14 Graphics 14

Actually it turned out OK for a first attempt. There was a few small bubbles, but a prick with the blade let out the air and the bubble squashes flat.

It looks more of a camper now, less of a wheeled freezer. Let's hope the weather holds, really looking forward to getting out 😎