Posted on 23 July 2018

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The UK heatwave continues and at last we had a weekend to try out the camper. The four of us (plus dog) took a trip to Harrys Field in Hampshire to test it out and meet up with friends.

Boys Say Hello

The boys insisted on sleeping on the lid with Mum, relegating me to the worktop 😳

Mounting the camper on the back this time I put on some 4.5mm rubber matting on the tray to ensure it didn't move when on the move.

Over the weekend it never rained at all, so we didn't need to spend much time inside during the day. It's comfortable enough to sleep in though and so nice in the morning to be able to actually stand up, change clothes, wash and make coffee etc.

Here's a rundown of what worked and what didn't:

What Worked Well

  • Tinnie Time: about 4 mins - not bad. Tinnie Time is how long it takes to set up the camper, arrange the table and chairs, sit down and crack open a cold beer!
  • Extending the gas supply outside for the cooker.
  • The larder, which could be accessed inside and out and held plenty for the weekend.
  • Carrying table and chairs: The outside table, 4 chairs, sleeping cushions and a folding dog kennel fitted nicely under the table and were secured with a luggage strap.
  • I was worried about the 1050mm door height, but was not an issue in the end. So there's no need to hack away at the roof for more height after all.
  • The outside light was bright and useful
Table and Chairs Rubber Matting
Table, chair and cushion storage Rubber matting between tray and camper


You can feel the extra weight but the stock dampers work OK. I might put some assistance on the rear springs. There's a slight rubbing somewhere when going through dips that really compress the leafs. But generally it does not feel top-heavy or overloaded.

It was not windy so I'm not sure if it's affected by head/side winds. It was happy cruising 80mph on the motorway as normal.

Things That Need Fixing

  • The waste pipe from the gray water tank was split and leaked. Just needs replacing.
  • Need to take about 10mm off the back of the drawers. When the water tank is full it bulges slightly which prevents the draws from closing fully.
  • Closing the door from the inside is difficult

Useful Additions

  • Would be great to have an outside water supply where the cooker was placed.
  • The 70ah battery only provides 24h of power, so a solar panel is essential for anything more than a days camp.
  • Perhaps a water heater for hot water to the sink.

All these can be addressed over the coming weeks. Overall I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. We had a great time and look forward to the next trip in August 👍