Posted on 14 September 2018

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Another outing, this time for three days at Thistledown in Gloucestershire. Learning from the first trip last month the biggest improvement was adding a solar panel. As long as the weather is reasonably bright, the kids' iPads remain charged and fridge contents won't turn to mush!


We were in the "Orchard" area where other campervans were set up. Only tents are allowed in the main camping areas, which is a shame because there is more open space for games and it backs onto woodland for the kids to explore.

It was mostly sunny while we were there, but on the second night it rained for a about four hours, but no water made it inside.

We're getting used to the indoor space now too and not bumping into each other.

In the evening when the wind turned chilly it was nice cooking inside the camper. Being out of the wind makes for faster cooking and saves gas.

A few improvements required!

  • Managing clothes. Putting clothes into bags and putting them under the seat is not working out. So I'll fit some shutter doors with shelving so that fetching a pair of socks is not a major operation.

  • A water gauge. On the last day the water run out unexpectedly, so fitting a sender and gauge will let us know how much remains.

  • Some folding water carriers so we can fill from a tap if need be.

All good, looking forward to the next one. 🙂