Posted on 27 August 2020

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With most UK destinations either packed out or locked down, we bolted the camper to the truck and headed to the South of France and the beautiful area of Provence. We joined up Barrie from Active 4x4 Adventures who knows the area well.

We arrived after a 12-hour drive to the first camp near Castellane. From there, each day was spent exploring some great tracks. The smell of the lavender fields never far away. Such a break from all the Covid craziness back home!


Following on from the last trip, I prepared the camper as follows:

  • Added a water gauge to give some idea when the tank was full (when filling) or nearing empty.
  • Replace battery
  • Better clothes storage
  • Some minor fixes i.e. wastepipe.

Water Gauge

There was just about enough room under the worktop to fit an analogue gauge on top of the tank. It's basically a float on a string which turns the needle as the level rises and falls. Beautifully simple!

Water Gauge 1 Water Gauge 2


The old 70ah battery was no longer holding charge and needed replacing. Needing more capacity I fitted an 120AH SuperBatt DT120 which kept the fridge, lights and gadgets going after sundown.

Clothes Storage

I put in some "Tambour" sliding doors and some shelving. This makes better use of available space and is much easier to access than removing the seat cusion each time. These are available here and dispite their aluminium appearance are actually plastic. But they work pretty good.

Tambour-doors Tambour-doors
The side channels need to be temporarily taped to the door and cut to the correct heightI got some aluminium trim from B&Q to clip the channel to and drilled/folded the ends so they could be screwed to the frame.
Tambour-doors Tambour-doors
Here's a view from the top showing the door sliding down the back when opened.And when the door is closed
Tambour-doors Tambour-doors
Finished appearanceAdded a couple of shelves...each of us has our own section!

In summary I'm pleased the way it's turned out. And having set up a number of times now I can confirm it passes the 5-minute "tinny test": the time taken to set up the camper, get out the table and chairs, sit and break open a beer. Cheers! 🍺

Here's a few pictures of the trip rolled into a short video.